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This track is about the death of the character. The song is written in kind of sporadically placed segments, and I like to view it as the character's life flashing before his eyes. At the beginning of the song, it is revealed that the man is hit by a car, explaining the abrupt ending to the previous song. Throughout the whole track, many of the ideas introduced throughout the album are combined and turned into new concepts, and at the end they all come together in one big finale.


A car comes rushing down the street towards me
Fall into the light
Shot down by my own infidelity
Say goodnight

I've lived my whole life like it was all just pretend
A future without you
It's the little things that really matter in the end
A new life (lie) for you
Why can't my hands feel the touch of my cold skin?
Pain ends and I'm here
No more thoughts, no more wondering where I've been
Living without fear

They're rushing in
They've come to take somewhere far away from here
It's funny
Death isn't quite as bad as I feared
Feared, as I feared


from The Fake Reality, released August 8, 2013



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