The Fake Reality

from by TEN23



The first half of this song is about the character contemplating suicide, how he's seen another world in his dreams and that he wants to make this his permanent world. The second half is a more trance-like progressive song that includes news broadcasts from big events and disasters throughout the 20th-21st century. This is meant to symbolize the horrible things that happen in the world all the time and show that the character has finally seen that the biggest reason why he is in this situation is that he hasn't made a life for himself. He realizes that he shouldn't sit around moping about how awful his life is and blame it on his past, he should wake up, start fresh, and find something to live for. However, the song ends very abruptly, which is explained in the next song.


I need more
More than me
But I'm constrained and cannot breathe
I am lost
Like a child in the woods
Maybe I should live in my dreams

I have run
Far away from my past
But it keeps catching up to me
Fall into
Something that'll last
I'll take shelter in this fake reality

I dream of another place that is not like here
A place where I have no reason to run or fear
The waters are rising, I hope to drown
And maybe I'll see this new world I've found


from The Fake Reality, released August 8, 2013
The broadcasts are taken from, in the order presented:
The Hindenburg Disaster
Pearl Harbor
The Cuban Missile Crisis
JFK's Assassination



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